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Waking up early protects against depression – Health News

“Early to bed and early risers are genetically more advantageous than night owls against depression.” This statement belongs to University of California researchers.

US scientists examined the lifestyles and sleeping habits of 800,000 people. The results were compared with the genetic makeup of these individuals.

US scientists found that people who go to bed early and wake up early are 23 percent less at risk for depression than those who stay up late.

Saying that a person who goes to bed at 10 pm and wakes up at 6 am is defined as an early person, scientists also point out that there are 340 different genetic variants that affect sleep habits.

On the other hand, scientists emphasize that these people are prone to depression not because of their sleeping habits, but because of their genetic predisposition. However, going to bed an hour early may provide benefits against depression, experts say.

Objection to the research from the scientific world was not delayed. Experts emphasize that people who go to bed late due to work and working hours should also be taken into account.

Depression affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Experts emphasize that the situation has become even more serious during the pandemic process.

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