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Warning from experts: Record but not peak

With the Ministry of Health’s announcement of the number of cases as 39 thousand 302 yesterday, the question ‘whether we reached the peak of the 3rd wave in the epidemic’ came to the agenda.

Experts, whose views were included in the news of Meltem Özgenç in Hürriyet newspaper, said that the peak has not yet been reached.


Scientific Committee member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Hasöksüz said, “The positivity rate of the UK origin variant, which has a 70 percent higher rate of contamination, is 75 percent in our country, and it shows such a rapid transmission feature, which was one of the most important factors in the increase of the cases to over 30 thousand. Recently, in domestic-domestic contamination, one person previously infects a person, now one person infects all family members. “The contamination rate has increased significantly with the transfer of the UK-origin variant to the families of people working in crowded and closed environments, as other members are also unprotected.”


Prof. Dr. Necmettin Ünal said, “The first of the most important reasons for the increase in the number of cases to 39 thousand was that the measures for returning to normal were implemented very quickly and without cascading. We started to relax when the cases were at 6 thousand. Even then, we experienced the consequences of rapid relaxation. The number of people who received two doses of vaccination in vaccination is only 9 percent. This figure is not enough to overcome the pandemic. It is necessary to increase it to 75 percent. Of course, despite everything Turkey is one of the countries most double dose of vaccine, you will also need to jump. That vaccine not only in Turkey, all the world’s problems. We are experiencing the peaks together with Europe. In terms of the number of daily cases, we rose to the first place in Europe and 4th place in the world. The solution is to infuse very quickly or tighten relaxation measures without delay. It is imperative to fully implement the measures that have been partially implemented so far. Because we haven’t reached the top of the peak yet.


The number of cases will increase even more. 3 million people spent the disease in Turkey. When the asymptomatic are included, it is estimated that 10-15 million people have the disease. Under these circumstances, we cannot be sure that these people develop immunity, because those with mild illness are not immune. We do not know how much immunity against variants of those who had the disease with the original virus, “he said.

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