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To gradually stretch“Instead of pass”coloring the outbreakWe entered a period of relaxation that we can summarize as ”. Following those decisions, in our first article published on this page, “that we did not make the right decision, that we took a risk by taking an extremely comfortable step in relaxation“We have stated clearly and clearly. With the question of “Popeye” in that famous joke, “Well, what happened?” What happened is obvious: Unfortunately, the process justified us, the number of daily cases that decreased to around 5-6 thousand is not much, but reached 50-60 thousand in 3-4 weeks. Fortunately, we realized our mistake, albeit with a little delay, we gave up by making a full U-turn from the wrong way we entered. In our opinion, the final decisions taken are correct and appropriate decisions, even though they have some deficiencies. But let’s know that it is inevitable that we will again and seriously evaluate the next process of the epidemic after the holiday.


Everyone rightly has some similar questions on their minds. Everyone is curious about the consequences of the measures, close to this complete closure, which will last until the end of the holiday. We are right, we are tired! We’re right, we’ve been severely battered economically! We are right, most of us have deteriorated mental health! Therefore, we will always have the following questions in mind: When will the rate of increase in the number of cases decrease? Can we breathe a little? Will it be possible for us to return to our strength and compensate for economic losses? Will we be able to socialize a little, if not as much as before? In my opinion, 4 factors will determine the answers to all these questions. “What are those factors, sir?” If you say, go to the box number 1.


FACTOR 1: SPEED AND TYPE OF MUTATIONS It is a very important determiner for the future. It is certain that this virus will reappear in different countries with different mutations as the duration of the epidemic prolongs and the failure of vaccination campaigns continues. Mutations that first started in England, Brazil and South Africa are now INDIAN MUTATIONS added. In addition, although we do not want to express it much, we have a “TURKISH MUTATIONIt is suspected that the ”problem may also be present. Let’s hope there are no mutations or the pace of mutations slow down. Let’s hope that the new mutations that may occur do not increase the strength of the virus, but decrease it.

FACTOR 2: THE VACCINATION IS IMPORTANT Because we have at least 7-8 vaccines with scientifically proven efficacy, but it is certain that there has been a worldwide failure in vaccination, except for a few countries. The vaccination rate is too low. In addition, there is a serious “VACCINE INJUSTICEWe all know that “is experienced. If vaccine production is not increased and fair conditions for sharing are not achieved, contamination will increase, patients and losses will increase, and new mutations that are more dangerous than existing ones may emerge.

FACTOR 3: EFFECT OF VACCINES AGAINST NEW MUTATIONS is also an important detail, an important determining factor. Fortunately, there is a consensus that all available vaccines are effective against most mutations that have developed so far. But if mutations continue at this rate and new mutations resistant to vaccines emerge, it may become even more difficult to contain the epidemic.

FACTOR 4: OUR PATIENCE FACTOR is at least as important as vaccines and success in treatment. In almost every country, there are signs that social patience has bottomed out and social tensions are increasing. As our patience decreases, a certain weakening situation may occur in compliance with the mask, distance and cleaning trio. As a result, the virus has the opportunity to spread more easily.

Keep it in your mind

I am aware that our corner is full of unpleasant news today, but our task is to bring you together with the right information. Because, as in every health problem, correct information is a power that is at least as effective as medicines and vaccines in a pandemic. There is some new and unpleasant information in one of the recent studies. According to that information, some serious health problems may arise in some of those who suffer from COVID-19 disease even months later. These health problems “side effectIt is possible to evaluate as “. Most of these side effects that can occur months after COVID-19 are unfortunately severe and serious health problems: Heart, liver and kidney damage, blood clotting problems, strokes, lung failure, diabetes, memory loss, depression and similar mental problems.

In the same study, in patients who could not survive the symptoms of COVID-19 for a long time, it approached almost 60 percent within the next 6 months.higher risk of deathThe determination of ”is, in my opinion, the most annoying data of the research.

1- Fatty liver causes gallstones.
2- Helicobacter infection in the stomach can cause bad breath.
3- Rational Omega-3 support brakes depression.
4- Effective sour flavors alleviate dizziness.
5- Correct collagen supplementation strengthens muscles and bones.

1- Long sleep at the weekend negatively affects health.
2- The safest places to prevent contamination on the plane are windowsills and front rows.
3- Plantain prevents constipation.
4- A slowdown in beard growth may indicate a decrease in testosterone.
5- Our memory gets stronger as we “work” and “use” just like our muscles.

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