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Weekly number of cases announced by provinces | 26 June – July 2021 – Health News

The Ministry of Health shared weekly data on the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak in Turkey.

According to the graphic shared by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca on his social media account, the number of cases was 71.99 per 100 thousand people in Ankara, 54.60 in Istanbul and 23.51 in Izmir.

The provinces with the highest number of cases compared to the population between June 26 and July 2021 were Ağrı 155.57, Siirt 105.45, Bitlis 101.14, Kütahya 97.11, Erzurum 91.00, Eskisehir 81.34, Ardahan 84.23, Kirikkale 78.94, Rize 76.95 and From 76.13 it happened.

In his share, Minister Koca said, “You can see the current version of the incidence map showing the total number of cases in one week, corresponding to a population of 100,000 in our provinces. The end of the epidemic comes with a vaccine. Get your vaccinations so that you can look at tomorrow more safely than today.”

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