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Weight loss pill fraud continues online

The slimming pills, known to the public as “Mexican pepper pills”, which were banned for sale and seized on the grounds that they caused the deaths of three citizens in the past years, continue to be marketed on the internet. Pharmacies do not have the pills with the original name “La Jiao Shou Shen” on their shelves, but on many sites on the internet, this product continues to be sold under the name of slimming pill.

It is possible to lose weight without sports and diet without feeling hunger with the pepper pill, which is aimed at citizens on a website that tries to market the product containing sibutramine under the title of “Original Mexico Pepper Pill”. The Mexican pepper pills that you will buy through our site are 100% original product guaranteed ”.

According to the report of Mert Inan from Milliyet newspaper, it is stated on the website that one box of the product is 119, two boxes are 209 TL and that it can be obtained without paying the shipping fee. In some well-known online shopping sites, the product in question continues to be sold at prices ranging from 60-100 lira.


Stating that the unconscious use of herbal and animal-based food supplements and vitamin and mineral-containing products has a negative effect on all age groups, from mild to very severe, Cenap Sarıalioğlu, President of Istanbul Chamber of Pharmacists, stated that vitamins, minerals and food supplements should be sold only in pharmacies.

“In the market and internet environment, exposed to bad storage conditions, adulterated with banned products, fake products are running wild. This situation, which disregards the health of our citizens and invites diseases and deaths, should be called stop now. There are situations that cannot be controlled for products sold outside of the pharmacy. In the analyzes performed on products randomly procured from sales points outside the pharmacy; Products adulterated with drug active ingredients such as sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, sibutramine, desmetil, sibutramine were detected. Unfortunately, deaths related to the use of adulterated products were recorded. Some pills sold as a natural slimming product include the active ingredient of subutrimin. In addition, the active ingredient of many natural foods comes from China and India. There is not enough inspection and certification in these countries. Supplements that citizens start using from outside the pharmacy without health consultancy with the understanding of ‘Harmless because it is natural’, ‘I use supplements to use drugs’, ‘The stronger my immune system is in this period’, ‘Herbal, so it has no side effects’ It carries great risk. “


Obesity and metabolic surgery specialist Prof. Dr. Halil Coşkun, on the other hand, warned that the content and active ingredient of pepper pills are not fully known and gave the following information:

“It is not possible for anyone to lose weight by taking pills. “Not without dieting and doing sports,” he said.

Stating that online sales have increased due to the pandemic, but there may be problems in control, Prof. Dr. Coşkun said, “With the arrival of the summer season, we started to see the advertisements of food supplements and weight loss pills on the internet frequently. The information or addresses of the manufacturer of the products that are marketed may be unknown, as well as the active ingredients in its content. The Association of Pharmacists demonstrates a correct and responsible behavior by drawing attention to the fact that products we do not know should not be purchased online or from herbalists. There are no examples of success losing weight using Mexican capsicum or some other advertised product. They deprive people of both their health and money through false fiction. “

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