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Went for Corona virus vaccine, learned that he had cancer

In Elazig, 60-year-old Zeynep Kutluay had a cancer screening at the recommendation of the health personnel working at Martyr Mehmet Aygün Healthy Life Center, where she went for the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine.

Kutluay, who was diagnosed with breast cancer as a result of the tests performed in the Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Training Center (KETEM) unit, was treated at Fethi Sekin City Hospital.

Kutluay, who overcame the cancer, said that the nurses at the health center where he went to avoid the Covid-19 epidemic said that the risk of getting cancer increased at later ages and that treatment became difficult after the disease progressed.

Kutluay said, “They said that I had breast cancer as a result of cancer screening. I was treated, thank God I got my health. May Allah be pleased with our doctors and nurses.”


Pınar Tepe, a specialist in charge of KETEM, stated that cancer disease continues to be an important health problem in the country as in the whole world.

Expressing that screening programs for breast, cervical and large intestine cancers, whose risk of incidence increases at advanced ages, continue in KETEM units within the scope of the National Cancer Screening Program, Tepe said, “These screenings are very important. You can have a longer life. One of the best examples of this was Zeynep Kutluay, “he said.

Tepe noted that Kutluay’s health is fine, and that they provide free service to citizens with the necessary hygiene conditions at the center.

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