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What does a narcissist mean? (What are the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, is there a treatment?) – Health News

The word narcissist from Greek mythology comes from the mythological hero Narcissus.

Defined as “exaggerated self-admiration, self-admiration, all mightiness and grandiosity” narcissistic personality disorderWhile those who have a glorify themselves, they tend to belittle and humiliate others.

‘The feeling of superiority, the need to be liked, the expectation of admiration, and the inability to empathize are the main characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissists often seek to gain the appreciation, approval, affection, admiration, and admiration of people, and they cannot love or feel sadness from the heart and deeply. Under this image of the narcissist who looks cold, distant, arrogant, self-righteous and attractive from the outside, there is actually a structure that is extremely sensitive to injury, fragile, lacking in self-confidence and self-worth.


People with narcissistic personalities often have the following character traits:

Narcissistic people do not like to listen to other people.

They like to always be the center of attention.

They do not like to obey the rules and cannot accept the superior attitude.

They cannot handle criticism.

They are not open to new ideas, they always think they are right.

They get angry easily and hold the other party responsible for this situation.


Although there is no specific cure for narcissistic personality disorder, therapies can aid recovery. The purpose of these treatments is to improve the person’s weak feelings and create realistic expectations.

There is no medication available to treat narcissistic personality disorder. However, psychotherapists may recommend certain medications to reduce depression and anxiety.

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