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What if the mutated corona virus becomes vaccine resistant?

What if the mutated corona virus becomes vaccine resistant?

While the number of new types of corona virus deaths in the world exceeds 3 million, vaccines are seen as the most powerful weapon against the pandemic. On the largest vaccination campaign ever, including Turkey 869 million doses of vaccine were administered in 155 countries. However, the global vaccination rate is still far behind what is expected … The scientific world is discussing the disaster scenario in the corona virus epidemic: What to do if a mutation occurs in which vaccines and immune system cannot be effective?

The slow progress of the vaccination campaign against the corona virus in the world is of concern: What to do if a new variant of the corona virus emerges with a mutation, in which no vaccine will benefit and the immunity gained due to the previously overcome disease will not protect?
Helge Braun, head of the German Chancellery, stated in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper a while ago that if cases of infection increase simultaneously with vaccination, it could indicate that a possible new mutation has developed resistance to the vaccine.
Braun is not the only one to defend the thesis in question. Similar statements by scientists who are closely interested in the subject sometimes sound too agitating, sometimes just a hypothetical danger.
According to the news in DW, experts from the Robert Koch Institute, based on their research on various types of viruses, conclude that some of these viruses are partially and some are fully resistant to neutralizing antibodies.
The B.1.351 type corona virus, called the “South African variant”, is a basis for the formation of virus mutations called “immune escape variant”, according to experts. The feature of such escape variants is that they have changed their genetic structure to such an extent that they are not noticed by the antibodies developed against the original form of the corona virus.
Dr. Luka Cicin-Sain describes this genetic change of viruses as “camouflage”, saying “viruses do not become completely invisible.”
Cicin-Sain pointed out that as the number of people vaccinated in the public increases, viruses will have increasing difficulty in spreading, and in this case, only the strongest virus species may continue to exist, and the probability of emergence of mutated species that are not seen or adequately detected by the immune system increases. Cicin-Sain, on the other hand, stated that the two doses of vaccine provided good protection against all mutations seen so far.
Dr. Luka Cicin-Sain emphasized that the number of antibodies formed in the body as a result of vaccination is much higher than the antibodies produced by the body after a disease.
On the other hand, healthcare organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have been analyzing relevant virus strains for some time to keep “alarming variants” under observation. Currently, these are the South Africa (B.1.351), Brazil (P.1) and UK (B.1.1.7) variants of the corona virus.
The reason why the UK variant is so common in Germany is that, according to Cicin-Sain, it is not an escape variant, but rather that it can adhere stronger to cells. Dr. In order to reveal the difference more clearly, Cicin-Sain compares that the first version of the corona virus adheres to the cells, while the UK variant is attached to the cells with super glue.

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