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What is a vaccination card, how to get a corona virus vaccination card?

Ministry of Health, to people who have received two doses of vaccine in Turkey e-Pulse and Life Fits Home (HES) via the app ‘vaccination card‘offers the possibility to create.

On the ‘Republic of Turkey Vaccine Identity’ cards, there is also the logo of safe tourism (SAFE TOURISM) launched by Turkey last summer. These ID cards can also be used on international travels.

There is also a QR code on the ID card. When the data matrix is ​​scanned, the system directs it to e-Nabız. On the screen in English and Turkish, the words “The vaccine ID belongs to the person x with the ID number 12345678910 and the passport number Z12345678. This ID was created by the Ministry of Health on 20.05.2021”.


After logging into the HES application, your passport must first be defined in the My Account section. Then you need to go to “My Passports”, select the add button and enter the passport number. Return to the main screen and select the “My Kovid-19 vaccine information” box. Click on “My vaccination cards” on the screen that appears, then click on the “Create vaccination card” option at the bottom of the screen.

After this process, if passport information is requested to be included in the vaccination card, the selection will be continued. If you continue without making a selection, the card will be created with the existing credentials registered. If a different passport information is required to be included in the vaccination card, it will be able to make a definition in the “My Account” section.

If there is a previously defined passport number, you will be faced with a warning screen where the number will be selected. If the passport number displayed on the screen is selected and continued, the ID card will be created in a short time.


After logging in to E-Nabız, click on the COVID-19 button at the top of the home page. Then the vaccine ID is created by clicking the COVID-19 vaccine card button. However, this procedure cannot be performed if the person has not completed the vaccine doses.


Download the NTV application, be informed about the developments

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