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What is black pepper, what are the benefits of black pepper? – Health News

blackhead grass, It is a perennial ornamental plant that grows spontaneously in Mediterranean countries.

A very useful plant, blackhead grass blooms purple or pink flowers in spring. The height of the grass can vary between 30 and 100 centimeters.

In Persian-Arabic traditional medicine, lavandula extract, called ‘ustukhuddus’ and used in the treatment of many diseases, has antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

This medicinal plant, which is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, is an ideal source of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. It is also a low-calorie herb.

In addition to the above substances in the black head oil, camphor, triterpenic acid, myrthenol, pinocarvil acetate, etc. essential oils; glycosides, steroids, terpines, resins and terpins.


It strengthens intelligence and memory and relieves mental fatigue and confusion.

It is used in the treatment of most brain disorders in the Arab-Persian tradition.

It is used in the treatment of sinusitis, cough, chronic cold and feverish cold.
It prevents and relieves the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It is used together with other herbs in the treatment of headache and migraine.

It accelerates blood circulation.

It prevents vascular occlusion.

It helps in the treatment of urinary tract infection and vaginal infections.

It prevents the development of blood cancer and many types of cancer.

It accelerates the healing of skin wounds.

It relieves nausea.

It is good for rheumatic pains.

It is good for insomnia.

It is good for indigestion, constipation and flatulence.

It regulates the digestive system and makes the intestines work more actively.

It relieves muscle aches and muscle fatigue.

It stops the progression of tumors in the brain.


It prevents skin wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. You can achieve a smoother skin by gently massaging your skin with 2-3 drops of black seed oil daily.

By disinfecting wounds, it improves the appearance of burns such as sunburns.

It stops hair loss, contributes to the appearance of more lively and shiny hair. It nourishes the hair and gives a natural shine to the hair.

As a strong antibacterial, it prevents the spread of bacteria and germs to larger areas on the skin.


Blackhead grass has many health benefits. Apart from these, it also helps the body to relax. In addition to the benefits of black tea, its oil also has many benefits.

In addition to being good for diseases, especially tea has a calming feature in humans.

Blackbash is generally used in the treatment of colds and flu infections. It is good for indigestion as well as diseases.

It ensures the regular functioning of the intestines. It increases the movements in the intestines and is good for constipation problems. Therefore, along with these benefits, it also helps to lose weight.


Among the harms of black cumin is the risk of stomachache as a result of excessive consumption.

On the other hand, overuse can result in nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Long-term use can cause kidney and liver problems. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin.

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