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What is escape syndrome, what are the symptoms? – Health News

Escape syndromeis a disease that is rarely observed worldwide. This syndrome, which has manifested itself since 1960, is in medical science under the name of Capillary leak syndrome.

The disease, which causes symptoms such as thickening of blood and lowering of blood pressure, is defined as leakage of protein, minerals and senses from the vessels.

Escape syndrome is a disease characterized by severe attacks, intermittent crises and similar symptoms. At the root of the disease, the fluid in the capillaries and some elements occur rapidly for an unknown reason, as a result of this event, swelling occurs in certain parts of the body, the patient’s blood pressure drops suddenly and a serious shock picture develops. Escape syndrome causes very simple complaints such as weakness and fatigue, as well as can develop with crisis and shocks. Attacks sometimes manifest themselves once a month, or they may emerge years later.

Conditions that trigger the escape syndrome;

Chemotherapy, Hantan virus, Endocrine diseases, Bypass, Hypotension, Kidney failure.


According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the largest hospitals in the USA, due to the systematic capillary leak syndrome, also called escape syndrome, blood volume and blood pressure drop as fluid exits the bloodstream. This can deprive the tissues in the kidneys, brain and liver of the oxygen and nutrients they need for their normal functioning. If the condition is not treated, it can lead to organ failure or even death.

Symptoms of escape syndrome are more similar to panic attack symptoms. Usually a day or two before the “episodes” of the systemic capillary leak syndrome, one encounters one or more nonspecific symptoms. Among these symptoms are the following;



Abdominal pain


-Muscle pains,

– Artan susama,

Sudden increase in body weight

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