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What is euthanasia? (In which countries is euthanasia legal?)

Ötanaziis to end the life of a person or an animal by administering a painless or minimally painful lethal injection, giving a high dose of medication, or separating the person from the life support unit because their lives are perceived as unbearable.

Euthanasia practicecan be in different forms other than these three; For example, passive euthanasia includes the passive death of a person by not treating a treatable but fatal infectious disease. Different types of euthanasia are subject to different legal practices.


It is basically applied as active and passive euthanasia.

Active ötanazialso, direct (direct) application is in question. The lethal substance is administered directly to the patient whose rescue treatment is impossible.

Passive ötanaziAlso, an indirect (indirect) application is in question, the machines that keep the patient alive are turned off or no treatment is applied except for relieving the pain by discontinuing the administration of drugs for temporary – partial treatment.


While passive euthanasia is generally legal in many countries, under different conditions, active euthanasia is prohibited in most countries. Physician assisted suicide, often discussed under the heading of euthanasia, is generally illegal, but is legal in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Vermond in the United States.


Active euthanasia is illegal in Turkey. According to the Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237 in force, the perpetrator (physician) who imposes euthanasia to the patient is judged according to the provisions of premeditated murder and punished with aggravated life imprisonment. Although euthanasia is not legal in some countries, the perpetrator of euthanasia is not punished.


Countries where euthanasia is legal in the world are Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The Netherlands is the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia. In the Netherlands and Belgium, it is even applied to children over 12 years old. Finally, Spain has joined these countries. After Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand, Spain became the 8th country where euthanasia was legalized.


The French euthanasie or English euthanasia is a quote from the word “don’t kill someone so that they don’t suffer.” This word is an excerpt from the Ancient Greek word euthanasía “auspicious death”. The Greek word is a combination of Ancient Greek “good, auspicious” and Ancient Greek thánatos “death”.

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