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What is functional life? What should functional nutrition be like? – Health News

What is functional life? What is the importance of the phenomenon of functional life in an individual sense?

Meltem Yıldız Dolemen: In fact, in our age of functional life, it is a lifestyle that everyone should internalize and apply in their lives. Functional life means including all movement functions that will take care of one’s physical health, from nutritional habits to one’s life, and at the same time integrating mental health with it.

Functional nutrition, on the other hand, is the ability of the body to take all the necessary vitamins and food supplements, as well as the right method, by incorporating cooking techniques into life, without losing the essence of food with the right method.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t just stop there. We should include sports in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be athleticism. Considering the importance of routine movements for joint health, it is also necessary for the body to move in terms of mental health and to activate life functions at this point. Apart from this, the mind is a very important mechanism, it can even form the basis of diseases at many points. At this point, if you pay attention to your nutrition, if you regularly add functional sports to your life in a sustainable way, on the other hand, if you do yoga and breathing therapies for your mental health, then this actually becomes a 360-degree functional life. If you can do this from childhood, then it becomes a much more qualified life.

The world actually added functional life to his life. Maybe we made a little difference with the pandemic. However, I think that children growing up from infancy will be like this with a healthy generation and a healthy mind. Therefore, I perceive functional life as a condition that every individual must fulfill.

How should our sleeping patterns or breathing habits be in order to be more resilient and stronger?

Meltem Yıldız Dölmen : Usleep is very important. Oxygen is also very important. Breath means oxygen. Therefore, if the person is absolutely in nature, outdoors, even if we work in office environments (as I am an individual who works like that), it is essential to ventilate the office environment, meet the oxygen need, and I repeat, being in nature is very valuable. There is something routine that we all know when it comes to sleeping patterns; 8 hours of sleep is a must. But of course you need quality sleep.

If you have not added functional life to your life, that is, if your eating habits are troubled or if you do not have sports in your life, your sleep pattern will definitely be disrupted. The hormones necessary for sleep are secreted at night and it is necessary to pay attention to this for the body. In fact, they all come back and stay within the functional life.

How should nutrition be in the understanding of functional life?

Meltem Yıldız Dolemen: All the foods that the body needs should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals… These must be in the right dosage and in line with your needs. Everything natural is actually the best.

Adding the natural things to our lives, but of course, today we cannot measure how rich the soil is in vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, this is very important: cooking habits. As soon as you take a fresh organic food and apply it with the right cooking tactic, its nutritional value decreases. Therefore, it must be of high quality.

Can we call it a type of diet for functional nutrition, or let’s ask it like this; Which of today’s modern diet schools is compatible with?

Meltem Yıldız Dolemen: No one has to be a size 36. What we call diet is actually being able to stay healthy. Therefore, when you do your diets in order to stay healthy, your weight gain problem is also eliminated. The basis of this is functional nutrition and functional life. You have to keep it all together. Therefore, what we call diet; It’s a 360 degree wrapping of everything. There are many different diets, and many of them are actually unhealthy. It is not possible to stay healthy by not eating at all, because the body needs it. Therefore, I think that some fashionable diets of today, which we call diet, are actually very wrong.

In particular, it is best for young people to add a little more functional life to their lives by reading rather than adapting to such things, both for their mental health, for their physical health and for them to protect their own fit body. I believe that the most accurate system is functional life and functional nutrition rather than diet.

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