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What is Hacamat, how is it done? (What are the benefits of hacamat?) – Health News

Hacamatis blood extraction from the skin by vacuum method. It is said that cupping, one of my ancient medical methods based on ancient Egyptians, is good for many ailments.

Cupping, which is a kind of acupuncture method dating back 5000 years, is made by drawing the skin with the help of a nester and drawing blood with the suction power created by a wide glass, jar or bottle. Traditionally, it is applied to places close to the organ with pain, ache or disease.

In the past, paper or cotton with alcohol has been used to consume the oxygen in the glass. Today, tools based on taking the air inside with the pump have been made.


It is drawn on the skin with a cupping needle, and then the blood is drawn with the suction power of the glass, jar or bottle. The blood accumulated under the skin is in the form of dark colored jelly that has lost its blood properties and it opens the door to many diseases by negatively affecting our immune system. This dirty blood is taken with the hijama process.

If the cupping is done properly at regular intervals in appropriate time periods, heavy metals, toxins, free radicals, drugs and hormonal foods left in the body are absorbed and our body returns to its normal form.


– Hacamat cleans toxins, toxic wastes, free radicals and damages caused by ready-made foods in the blood. It detoxifies the blood.

– Hacamat is the most effective method to relax the body, relieves stress, prevents irritability, and makes the nerves look like cotton.

– Being hijama accelerates the healing process in upper respiratory tract diseases such as colds and flu.

– Headache is a health problem that can be seen at all ages in men and women. Hacamat plays a very important role in relieving chronic ligament pain.

– Hacamat stimulates blood production and helps in the treatment of anemia deficiency.

– Hacamat reduces the severity and number of seizures in epilepsy seizures, popularly known as Sara’s disease.

– Hacamat removes laziness and lethargy, resets the body, makes you feel energetic.

– Dizziness is one of the most common health problems. Hacamat is also very effective in passing some types of dizziness.

– Our body’s sudden reaction to stimuli is called reflex. Hacamat strengthens reflexes.

– Hacamat plays an auxiliary role in the treatment of all dental diseases. Cupping can also be used to relieve toothache.

– Hacamat reduces viscosity (stickiness) in the intercellular matrix.

– Hacamat increases flexibility in muscle and connective tissue. It softens the stiffness in tissues and joints.

– Hacamat increases the permeability of blood vessels, so more oxygen goes to the organs, cells are renewed.

– Hacamat also renews the vision cells and makes the eyes see sharper. It also helps in the treatment of eye diseases.

– Insomnia, disturbed sleep, inability to sleep even if you are too drowsy are among the most common sleep problems today. Being hijama relaxes the nerves and is a cure for all sleep problems.

– Menstrual pain, menstrual pain, cramps experienced during the menstrual period are a very distressing situation that is the nightmare of most women. Hacamat removes the irregularities of the menstrual period and prevents the menstrual period from being painful and cramped.

– Hacamat is very helpful in getting rid of drug addiction and quitting smoking.

– Hacamat is very effective in preventing skin diseases by feeding the skin with oxygen. It prevents oiliness on the skin and body.

– Hacamat is effective in dealing with stress. It is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety and nervousness.

– High blood pressure can occur for many reasons, from vascular occlusion to stress. Hacamat lowers high blood pressure.

-Hacamat relaxes the muscles and prevents muscle cramps and grips.

Depression is a state of feeling unhappy and pessimistic. Hacamat releases the happiness hormone (endorphin, serotonin) in depression.

– Hacamat restores weakened organ functions.

– Hacamat speeds up the healing of wounds and ulcers.

– Hacamat removes inflammation in the body. It strengthens immunity in the treatment of sinusitis.

– Hacamat increases the flexibility of the vessels and prevents the formation of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids. It allows the existing hemorrhoids to pass.

– Hacamat cleans the veins and lowers high cholesterol.

– Hacamat has an immediate effect on eye pain and eye pressure.

– Memory has a healing effect on mental activities such as attention deficit concentration disorder.

– Hacamat removes clots naturally and allows varicose veins to pass.

– Cleans the metabolic deposits of gout and rheumatism.

– Hacamat increases blood circulation and relieves pain in the body. Supports other medical or surgical treatments in all diseases.

– Hacamat plays a very important role in the treatment of the first stages of facial paralysis.

It prevents damage in liver diseases.

– It is curative in children with restlessness, inability to calm down, and sleep problems.

– Hacamat is also healing for ulcers, it is effective in the treatment of all types of ulcers.

– Regular cupping repairs existing damage and dysfunctions in organs.

– Hacamat is both protective and therapeutic in paralysis and strokes.

– Hacamat prevents vascular occlusion, opens blocked veins.

– In some diseases, acupuncture treatment or leech therapy can be applied together with cupping and faster results can be obtained. With this feature, it supports acupuncture and leech therapy.

Edema is a state of the body that causes swelling in the body, especially in the hands, feet, fingers and face. Hacamat removes the edema, helps to remove the edema.

– Hacamat is very successful in treating problems such as distraction, hyperactivity, and inability to study in children.

– Hacamat relaxes blood circulation, body, throat, shoulders and chest. * It plays a triggering role in regulating metabolism in all organ functions.

– Hacamat is very helpful in overcoming psychological post-traumatic disorders.

– Low back pain is one of the most common types of pain. Hacamat is very effective in healing some types of back pain.

– Hacamat can be safely applied in the treatment of sexual problems such as infertility, reproductive problems and loss of libido.

– Hacamat is preventive or provides relief in the treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke.

– Hacamat is very useful for people with asthma, pneumonia and angina pectoris disease.

– Hacamat protects from chronic diseases if it is done regularly annually. Even if he is sick, it decreases its severity.

– Migraine is one of the modern age diseases with symptoms such as severe headache, nausea and sensitivity to light. Hacamat cleans the dirty blood in the veins and heals migraines.

– Hacamat relaxes the joints and muscles and relieves the pain seen in these areas.

– Hacamat eliminates puberty acne at least fifty percent.

– Hacamat helps to pass gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, stomach pain, diarrhea, gastritis.

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