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What is heel spur? What causes heel spurs? How is heel spur treated? – Health News

disturbing foot health heel spur disease, can be treated easily. orthopedic disease heel spur, heel bone and sole of the foot between the painful protrusion manifests itself.

Repetitive stress from walking, running or jumping on hard surfaces is a common cause of heel spurs. The disease, which can occur with problems such as the patient’s inability to step on his foot, does not always occur with pain, and not every heel pain may be a heel spur.


Heel spur, at the bottom of the heel bone calcium buildup caused by bony prominence known as. Under the heel bone if the foot bone is subjected to constant stress calcification is formed. As a result of this calcification, in the heel part hard tissue is accumulating. This tissue can cause pain.


Heel spurs are usually seen with pain that starts as soon as you get out of bed in the morning or when you get up from sitting. Wrong shoes, jobs that require long standing, weight gain, sudden load on the sole as why is thatmay arise depending on


Heel spurs can be confused with daily foot pain. Pain in the heel may occur if the foot is overtired. However, if there is pain in the heel, even when the foot is not overloaded, a heel spur may be suspected.

One of the most common complaints sabah on the soles of the feet on the first stand-up stabbing or needle sticking appears in the form. Usually, the sharp pain can return when standing up after sitting for a long time.

Heel Spurs Treatment

In the first steps of the day severe and stinging nails in a patient describing pain as clinical examination can usually be diagnosed. The presence of a heel spur is confirmed by seeing the protrusion of the heel bone on the x-ray film.

In the treatment of heel spurs, some changes to be made in daily life are tried to reduce pain and complaints to the structures. Rest, wearing soft-soled shoes or slippers, losing weight, and using heel cushions measures such as these are among the first methods to be applied. for the sole of the foot stretching exercises and applying icethey are simple edema and pain relief medicationcan be treated using

For heel spur disease that cannot be treated in this way physiotheraphy method is used. local cortisone and plateletstan rich plasma injection, shock wave therapy, high density laser therapy can be used in such methods.

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