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What is neck flattening, what are its symptoms?

What is neck flattening, what are its symptoms?

Neck flattening is a bone deterioration that occurs as a result of the loss of the curvature of the human spine and can cause back, lower back, and even headaches starting from the neck. To prevent neck straightening or to reduce pain, a neck brace and corset can be used. Painkillers and physical therapy methods are effective treatment methods in reducing these pains. So what causes neck flattening, what can be done to prevent it?

With the pandemic period, neck straightening has become a common occurrence, especially for people who work remotely. During this period, general inactivity, inactivity in the face of computers and game consoles can cause neck flattening.

People’s spines are slightly curved in the neck, back, and lower back. Neck flattening occurs with the deterioration of this curvature for various reasons.

The most common symptom of neck flattening is neck pain. While this pain spreads to certain areas of the back and shoulder from time to time, headache can also be one of the causes of neck flattening.

Issues to be considered about neck straightening: not staying in a bad position for a long time while awake or sleeping, not looking at the computer backwards for a long time, not repeating the same movements constantly and not staying still.

Thinning and depressions in the spine in old age can also cause neck straightening.


Neck, hand and toe muscle pain, stiffness, decreased mobility, headache, coordination problems, muscle weakness, spinal deformity, deformity, paralysis, bladder and bowel control problems are among the symptoms of neck flattening.


Neck flattening can be corrected by physical therapy and changing posture habits.

Physical therapy is also among the methods applied, along with a neck brace and mild painkillers.

Surgical intervention can be performed in cases where there is pressure on the spinal cord, which is usually caused by various medical reasons.


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