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What is shingles? What are skin diseases? What are the symptoms of skin diseases? (Eczema, urticaria, psoriasis, shingles) – Health News

Acne is a treatable condition; However, not all acne is treated in the same way. The type and duration of treatment is determined according to the severity and prevalence of acne, and the age of the person, taking into account the general health status of the person. Acne treatment can take a long time.

Some of the treatment methods used are:

Benzoyl Peroxide: This topical drug aims to help kill bacteria in the pores and skin surface.

Antibiotics: It can stop or reduce the growth of bacteria that cause inflammation of the pores.

Retinoidler: This drug can reduce the development of new pimples and prevent the pores from getting clogged.

Drainage: It is used surgically or to treat a large cyst.

Phototherapy: This method of treatment can reduce the number of acne-causing bacteria.

Leisure: In severe cases of acne, laser treatments can be used to reduce redness and swollen tissue.

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