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What is the Heimlich maneuver, how is it done? – Health News

Heimlich maneuverIt is a technique known as “to prevent suffocation as a result of obstruction of the respiratory tract with food or a foreign object.

US doctor Henry Heimlich, the inventor of the Heimlich maneuver, died in 2016 at the age of 96.

It is stated that with the Heimlich maneuver that Hemlich discovered and named after him in 1974, thousands of lives have been saved in the USA alone.


The rescuer should get behind the patient, place one hand in a fist between the patient’s navel and chest, and apply pressure in upward 5 times, supporting it with the other hand.


• The patient can be in a standing or sitting position.

• Stand next to or behind the patient.

• Supporting the chest with one hand and leaning forward.

• With the heel of the other hand, it is quickly hit the back (between the shoulder blades) 5 times.

• It is checked whether the blockage is opened or not, if it is opened, the process is stopped.

• If the obstruction is not opened, the Heimlich maneuver is performed.

• The body is grasped by wrapping the patient’s back.

• The thumb of a hand is put in a fist in the upper part of the stomach, under the breastbone. With the other hand, the hand made fist is grasped.

• It is pressed back and up strongly.

• This movement is repeated 5-7 times until the foreign body comes out.

• If the obstruction is not cleared, he is hit on his back again.

• These processes are repeated 5 times, alternately.

• If the patient is unconscious, he will lie down on a firm surface.

• Seek medical assistance from 112.

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