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Which occupational groups have been vaccinated? Who’s turn is it?

After Fahrettin Koca was vaccinated, as of January 14, all healthcare professionals started to have their vaccinations as the first occupational group to be prioritized in vaccination.

In the first place, the ranking according to the priority occupational groups table in vaccination published by the Ministry is as follows:

1 stage:

A. Employees in the health institution (including public, private, university, foundation etc. medical school and dentistry faculty intern students), all (public, self-employed pharmacy workers (including pharmacists and journeymen),

B. Elderly, disabled, protection, living in places such as their homes and employees

C. Individuals over the age of 65; C1- Individuals aged < 85, C2- Individuals aged 80-84, C3- Individuals aged 75-79, C4 - Individuals aged 70-74, C5- Individuals aged 65-69

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