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Which types of vaccines require a third dose? When should the third dose be?

Which types of vaccines require a third dose?  When should the third dose be?

New explanations are coming regarding the vaccination process, which is the most effective weapon in the fight against Corona virus. It is said that the epidemic can be completely eliminated with the third dose, the reminder vaccine, after the statements that the first dose of vaccine can be sufficient in the past days. There are countries in the world that have achieved successful results in the production of the third dose of vaccine. So, what is the 3rd dose reminder vaccine, for which type of vaccines and for what period of time, how does this progress in Turkey? Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. İftihar Köksal and Ankara University Department of Infectious Diseases faculty member Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık answered the questions of

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In addition to the corona virus vaccines administered in two doses, the third dose of ‘reminder’ has been on the agenda of the world. While various countries were working on this issue, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca also made an announcement. Minister Koca stated that the third dose vaccine planned to be applied could be a local vaccine.

* Moderna’s ‘fine-tuning’ vaccine: The company announced that the first “fine-tuned” vaccine developed against corona virus mutations in South Africa and Brazil gave successful results, and states that ‘fine-tuning’ can be used as a third dose vaccine against variants. . Go to the news

* BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin shared the information that the protection of the vaccine decreased over time, according to the first 6 months data, the effect of the vaccine decreased from 95 percent to 91 percent in 6 months and commented that a 3rd dose vaccine is needed. Go to the news

* Last month, the discussion of ‘BioNTech’s corona virus vaccine may be enough for 1 dose’ was on the agenda, and statements were made for this. However, according to many experts, the protection of a single dose of BioNTech is high, but it is definitely not sufficient.

So what exactly is a ‘reminder dose’ vaccine, do we need a third dose of vaccine, and how is this vaccine administered in our country? Professionals the questions of.


Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. İftihar KöksalAccording to, corona virus vaccines will have to be repeated every year. On the other hand, Köksal stated that there is not yet a definite date range as to when the ‘reminder’ dose is required.

Stating that the virus is mutated and the vaccines applied are different from each other, Köksal said, “There are inactivated, MRNA and vector vaccines. Immune responses of inactivated vaccines do not last long. For this reason, it may need to be repeated every year as in the influenza vaccine. ”


Köksal warned that the data collected about the time to make the reminder dose should be determined after scientifically researched, ” We know that the virus is currently mutated. In the statements made for the mRNA vaccines, it is stated that it is also effective against mutated viruses for now. Therefore, if there is a reduction in immunity, a booster dose is among the recommended approaches, but there is no definite, clear basis for any of this. These are the implications of people who are sick and vaccinated. ”


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca recently said that the 3rd dose reminder vaccine will be made with the local vaccine, and the question of whether the different vaccine would be harmful came to the agenda.

Making a statement on this subject, Köksal said, “The Sinovac vaccine is inactivated vaccine, and the vaccine we prepared is an inactivated vaccine. These can be done, there is no harm in that. However, we do not know how much immunity will be provided by an inactivated vaccine as a reminder dose after the MRNA vaccine is administered. It will surely protect, but MRNA vaccines were produced with a different technology. My suggestion is that if a person has had the MRNA vaccine, it would be more effective to do the reminder dose with the MRNA vaccine. ”

Professor of Infectious Diseases, Ankara University. Dr. Ismail BalikHe stated that he is of the opinion that the third dose of vaccine will be given as long as the epidemic continues.

Fish, ” When the reminder dose is given varies from vaccine to vaccine. This period should be shorter for inactive vaccines. For example, in Sinovac vaccine, we should do the reminder dose 6 months after the second dose, while it will be sufficient to do it 1 or 2 years after the BioNTech vaccine. ”

Fish summarized the situation as follows, saying that the 3rd dose is more correct to be called the reminder dose:

“You start with two doses, after 6 months the vaccine begins to lose its protective effect. In order to strengthen it again, we increase the antibody values ​​again with the vaccine we call the reminder dose. ”

According to Fish, the reminder doses will continue at certain intervals unless the outbreak is fully over.


To the question of ‘is a single dose of vaccine sufficient’, which has been on the agenda recently, “There is no such thing as a single dose. This shouldn’t speak for full immunity anyway. A single johnson & johnson vaccine is suitable for a single dose, and we do not use it in our country. ”

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