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WHO: Better Covid vaccines are coming – health news

Covid-19 More than a year after the pandemic world Health OrganizationStatements came from Soumya Swaminathan, the chief scientist.

Swaminathan said in an interview that six to eight new vaccines could complete clinical trials and undergo regulatory review by the end of the year.

Stating that with the emergence of increasingly dangerous variants in the recent period, current drug developers are having difficulties in vaccine supply, Swaminathan said that the approved angles will be added to the existing vaccines within a year.


According to the data collected by Bloomberg, only 122 countries started to vaccinate against Covid-19, while the chief scientist of the World Health Organization, Swaminathan, known for tuberculosis and HIV research and a pediatrician, said, “We were very impressed by the vaccines we have,” We can improve “he said.

Swaminathan said, “I think by 2022, we will see new developed vaccines emerge,” he said, adding that new vaccines include alternative technologies such as single-dose, oral, and nasal spray, and that these treatments can also be applied to pregnant people.

Companies with Covid-19 vaccines currently in use have also started testing updated versions of the vaccines they previously developed to prevent corona virus variants that have emerged in recent months.

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