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WHO does not look favorably on ‘vaccination passport’ for now – health news

World Health Organization (DSÖ) Spokesperson Margaret Harris, the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) for now due to the uncertainty about whether their vaccination prevents the transmission of the virus and the vaccine injustice in the world “to the vaccination passport“He gave the message that they do not look warm.

Spokesperson Harris answered questions about the Covid-19 outbreak at a press conference held at the United Nations Geneva Office.


Answering questions about the vaccine passport that some countries want to put into practice in international travel, Harris said, “There are two big problems with vaccine passports. We currently do not have enough data to tell whether vaccination prevents the transmission of viruses to others.” said.

Harris emphasized that the second problem in vaccination passport implementation is the unfair sharing of Covid-19 vaccines, “There is a lack of access to vaccines in many countries. Therefore, the issue of equity in vaccines is also important. When there is fairness, this (vaccine passport) is something that could be very important in the future. ” found the assessment.


Spokesperson Harris said that China developed against Covid-19. Sinovac and Sinopharm He stated that the approval for urgent use of the vaccine can be given by the end of April.

Harris added that the delay in approving these vaccines was due to the need for more data.

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