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WHO made history: Corona virus outbreak ends in early 2022

World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge said that the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak will end in early 2022.

Speaking to Danish state broadcaster DR, Kluge emphasized that 2021 will be Covid-19, but it will be more cautious and manageable than 2020.

Kluge stated that the worst scenario is over, and that there is more information about the virus compared to the year 2020, when the virus first started to spread.

Emphasizing that no one can know the developments in the Covid-19 epidemic in advance and explained his own forecast, Kluge said, “I think the epidemic will end at the beginning of 2022.” said.

“It will continue to be a virus, but I don’t think restrictions will be needed. This is an optimistic message,” Kluge said.


Evaluating the mutation of Covid-19, Kluge explained that the mutations are normal and that the virus is trying to adapt to the person infected, but the rapid spread of the mutations worries them.

Kluge said that due to the speed of Covid-19’s mutated faster-spreading strains, they closely monitor how effective the vaccines developed against Covid-19 are, if necessary, vaccines can be arranged according to new mutations and that there is no need to produce vaccines for mutations fundamentally.

Underlining that mutations will not bring the virus out of control, Kluge noted that the health system in countries with health systems under pressure may be under more pressure, so they take mutations very seriously.

Noting that the biggest problem will be experienced when vaccinated people come together in the same environment with those who are not vaccinated, Kluge underlined that the timeline is a very important factor.

“Speed ​​is our best friend from now on. Everything depends on pace. Speed ​​will save lives and protect the economy and eventually curb mutations,” Kluge said.


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