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WHO publishes weekly report: case for six weeks, loss of life for three weeks – health news

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that worldwide Covid-19 cases decreased by 11 percent between February 14-21, stating that they decreased for six weeks in a row.

WHO also stated that the mortality rate decreased for three weeks in a row, and announced that it decreased by 20 percent in the said week.


Explaining that 2.4 million new Covid-19 cases were seen in the world between 14-21 February, the World Health Organization reported that 66 thousand people died in a week.

Stating that Covid-19 has been transmitted to 110.7 million people since the day it first appeared, WHO reported that more than 2.4 million people died.

The organization underlined that the USA ranks first in the number of cases, followed by Brazil, France, Russia and India.


The World Health Organization also made statements about the new mutations of Covid-19 in its statement. In the statement, it was underlined that the vast majority of new cases are Covid-19 mutations.

WHO said that the B.1.1.7 mutation, which was first detected in the UK, is now found in 101 countries, while the B.1.351 mutation, which was first detected in South Africa, was detected in 51 countries. However, he pointed out that the B. mutation, which was first detected in Brazil, is less common than other mutations, and stated that this number is 29 countries for now.

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