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Who should get which vaccine?: BioNTech vaccine and Sinovac vaccine prevent serious illness and death

Ankara university (AU) Faculty of Medicine, Head of Infectious Diseases Department. Dr. İsmail Balık, to ensure social immunity Covid-19 He stated that it is vital for the citizens to have the vaccine, which vaccine can be accessed. Fish, “Because, which Vaccine no matter what, it has been clearly shown that vaccines prevent serious illness and deaths. “

Also acting as the President of the Association for Developing Drug Awareness and Rational Drug, Balık made evaluations on the vaccines that are effective in providing social immunity in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Currently seen in the Covid-19 virus in the world mutantPointing out that there is an increase in repeated cases due to sires, Balık said that the UK mutant showed itself widely in many countries, especially in Europe.

Fish pointed out that individual measures are of great importance in combating the epidemic and that this fight can be won with widespread vaccination globally.

Underlining that the seriously ill and mortality rates have decreased significantly with vaccination, Balık stated that the epidemic can be brought under control with vaccination worldwide as soon as possible.


Referring to the effect of vaccines currently in use on mutant viruses, Balık said, “Vaccines are not affected by this British mutant, which is good news. All of the vaccines currently being made are effective against this mutant.” said.

Vaccines are very effective in breaking the epidemic and rapidly reducing the number of cases. Britain and In israel Stating that he was seen, Balık continued his words as follows:

“Until recently, England was the country with the highest number of cases in Europe, but it was announced that there had been no deaths in London for three days. The epidemic quickly decreased there. In Israel, almost no cases were seen. Why? Because, it was provided with this vaccination. they provide social immunity with vaccination. If you inoculate more than 60 percent of the population in the outbreak, the epidemic will be gained immunity because some of them spent the naturally disease he ceases to be a problem for the country. If difficulties on the supply of vaccines in Turkey, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu to be announced Like the end of June, a significant portion of the population will be vaccinated, and we will have entered autumn away from the epidemic. “


Prof. Dr. Fish, of far Sinovac companies in Turkey CoronaVac He said that the vaccine was made and the BioNTech vaccine came to the country.

Stating that citizens can choose one of the two vaccines, Balık said:

“As Ankara University, we participated in Phase 3 studies of both vaccines. Our citizens should have that vaccine, which vaccine is accessed, this is very important. Because, regardless of the vaccine, it was clearly shown that vaccines prevent serious illness and deaths. BioNTech Astra-Zeneca was also done. In the countries where the Sinovac vaccine we use was used, it was observed that the mortality rates decreased significantly. This also gives us reflect, so that in Turkey have become no longer see severe cases of over 60 years of age. Currently, mostly between the ages of 40-60. For this reason, we will definitely have the vaccine we can find. “


Stating that the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca offers citizens the option to have one of the two vaccines right now, Balık made evaluations regarding the clinical observations they made at the university on both vaccines:

“According to our clinical observations, if allergic If you have a preference for mRNA vaccine, you can get Sinovac vaccine, which is an inactive vaccine that has fewer side effects in allergic bodies. Because, not only BioNTech but other mRNA It was observed that their vaccines made more reactions. In addition, mRNA vaccines produce a stronger immune response than inactive vaccines, as they have a more stimulating effect on the immune system. Therefore, those with a body that may have a weak immune response may prefer the mRNA vaccine. Whoever we say they are, obesitythose who have kidney failure, diabetes the ones, cancer Those who receive treatment or use drugs that suppress the immune system due to various illnesses may prefer the BioNTech vaccine, which is an mRNA vaccine, if they have an option. However, we have to say that the inactive vaccine works and works for them as well. “mRNA vaccines start to create immunity as of a week after a single dose, while inactive vaccines create a significant immunity only 15 days after the second dose.”


Fish, those whose cancer treatment has been completed, stated that their immune systems will be recovered because their treatments are finished, “Therefore, there is no difference between the two vaccines for these people.” said.

Prof. Dr. Fish, “mRNA vaccines are seen more effective in elderly people, but they are more likely to have some side effects.” he spoke.

Evaluating the two vaccines in terms of side effects, Balık said:

“BioNTech vaccine shows itself more as a side effect. These are symptoms such as pain, swelling, fever, body malaise at the vaccine site more in the BioNTech vaccine, but none of them pose a risk, it protects the person from the risk of severe illness and death. The Sinovac vaccine is inactive. These types of side effects either do not occur or appear to be less. ”

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