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WHO: the outbreak ends in 10 months – health news

Speaking to the German newspaper Die Welt, the World Health Organization (DSÖ) Europe Director Hans Kluge, in the world corona virus announced the end of the epidemic.

According to the news of Hürriyet newspaper, Kluge said, “I guess that 2021 will be the year of Covid-19 again. However, it is better predictable and guided. In 2020, this issue was scientifically and politically dark. A year later, we know more. We have better tools like the diagnostic program and the vaccine. Planning ahead is very important in my job. Therefore, I predict that the pandemic will end at the beginning of 2022 ”.

However, Kluge stressed that the disappearance of the epidemic does not mean that the virus has disappeared.

Kluge said that he hoped that harsh restrictions would not be needed and that Europe should be in solidarity on this issue:

“While vaccination is being made in certain rich regions, it cannot be done not in other places. Nobody is safe unless everyone is safe. “


Hans Kluge stated that 3 issues should be paid attention to this year in the fight against the epidemic. Stating that the vaccination program should be accelerated and vaccines should be adapted against new mutations, he said:

“Third, social distance should be limited and other health measures should continue.”

Pointing out that ‘epidemic fatigue’ occurs in people against epidemic measures, Kluge said, “For this reason, we are conducting a research that reveals what measures people are tired of. We need to be patient, ”he said.


The digital vaccine passport planned by the EU Commission is not on the WHO agenda.

Saying that he knows that the digital vaccine passport, which is planned to be issued in the summer, will no longer be withdrawn, Kluge said, “However, this cannot be something recommended by the World Health Organization. It is not clear how long the vaccine will provide immunity. In addition, there is no guarantee that the vaccine will prevent the virus from being transmitted to someone else, ”he said.

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