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WHO warning: one in four people will experience hearing loss within 30 years

The World Health Organization continues its research on other health problems in the world while the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

In the report published by the WHO last day, it was stated that by 2050, approximately 2.5 billion people around the world, one in four people, will experience complete or partial hearing loss.


In the report, which uses the expressions “Hearing losses will be at the center of global health problems after 30 years”, it was stated that by 2050, 700 million people will experience total hearing loss.

Stating that treatment methods should be improved every passing day to prevent hearing loss, the organization underlined that hygiene is very important for ear health.


Stating that 60 percent of hearing loss can be prevented with a vaccine against rubella and meningitis in children, the World Health Organization underlined the importance of early diagnosis of middle ear inflammation in newborn babies.

WHO advises adults to stay away from noise and pay attention to hygiene against hearing loss, saying that hearing is very important for human health, and that untreated hearing loss will deeply affect people’s communication and work to make a living.

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