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Why is D-dimer test important in Covid-19 follow-up? (What is the D-dimer test?) – Health News

D-dimer levels, Covid-19 It is considered a good indicator showing how the disease will progress, and this value is definitely taken into account in patients hospitalized for Covid-19.

According to researches, in Covid-19 patients, after the body is infected, both the virus that multiplies inside the cell and the body’s over-reaction to this virus can deteriorate the internal structure of the blood vessels, and this can cause intravascular coagulation.

Since the D-dimer value is an indicator of intravascular coagulation, it is important to control this value.

Additional diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, which are present in the vast majority of patients with Covid-19 infection, and the inactivity of these patients due to infection facilitate the formation of clots.

For this reason, patients diagnosed with Covid-19 D-dimer lyrics It is important to predict the extent to which these patients will suffer from the disease.

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