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Why is the Chinese vaccine delayed? Statement from Minister Koca

” Until June, vaccination of people over 40 years old is also completed. ”

Explanation Health Minister Fahrettin Kocacame from.

Stating that all countries have serious problems with vaccine supply, Koca said, “If we did not participate in the Phase-3 studies of the Chinese vaccine, we could not find a vaccine,” he said.


Speaking to Fatih Altaylı from Habertürk, Koca used the following statements:

“Not only us, but almost no one gets the vaccine at the promised time. Be sure we are one of the lucky countries. The Chinese government has placed restrictions on all vaccine manufacturers. He said, ‘You will give it to China’ first. That’s why there are a lot of hitches. Despite this, we can get it. In the light of recent developments, we have begun to see that we will complete two doses of our 32 million citizens over the age of 40 and those in risk groups by June. ”


Minister Koca shared the latest situation regarding the German vaccine supply with the document sent from BionTech company regarding the delivery.

Accordingly, the trial-biontech 5 thousand 850 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine was delivered to Turkey on March 12. Then, in two batches, 1 million 400 thousand vaccines reached the distribution center in Ankara. Until the middle of April, 3 million 100 thousand more doses will be delivered.


Minister Koca said that his biggest concern at this point is the decision of the European Union to ban vaccines.

Husband said:

” The European Union (EU) can impose restrictions or even prohibitions on the sale of vaccines outside the EU at any time. We say what we buy before they bring this ban. I’m expecting another 18 million from BioNTech. I guess the future. But my biggest fear is that this vaccine is nationalism and it is banned. ”

Saying that there are production problems in Russian and British vaccines, Minister Koca said, “We are pushing all channels to find all the necessary vaccines until the summer,” he said. Husband also said that they aim to bring close to 120 million doses of vaccine.

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