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‘Wormy mask’ claim on social media: Impossible

For a few days on social media, people who were exposed to hot water vapor maskfrom the s wormThe videos of the experiments on the subject are shared by claiming that they have been released.

What we call a surgical mask “meltblown“The masks contain polymer, namely plastic. These micro-sized plastic parts are deformed when exposed to heat. When deformed, they look like worms and seem to move. Internist Dr. Aytaç Karadağ, who conducted this experiment, also made evaluations about the images on social media. was found.


Dr. Montenegro showed these formations in two separate surgical masks that he put on the kettle. Montenegro showed the small polymer pieces that emerged one by one.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Aytaç Karadağ said, “In fact, this is a biochemical process, normally these surgical masks are loaded with a hydrostatic pressure with high temperature. With this pressure, we cannot see the transparent ones of the polymer fibers inside the mask, but we can see the different types very easily. This can happen with all masks, especially in surgical masks called ‘meltblown’ recommended by the Ministry of Health. It does not occur in masks with cotton fibers, but normally with polymer fibers, new technology masks with high protection load a hydrostatic load with hot air bubbles. This happens with water vapor at high temperatures, this water vapor does not occur with our breath. In normal life, it is not possible for these fibers to form in our daily life. These are polymer fibers that we already know as normal. Since r appears in a different color, it is compared to nano robots, it has nothing to do with robots. We are not talking about a biological creature, “he said.


Dr. “In fact, this kind of asparagus news is abundantly confirmed or accepted by our people. This constitutes an excuse for people who do not want to wear the mask. But by not wearing the mask, we risk not only ourselves, but also our beloved parents and children. We may be carriers by not wearing the mask, but those microorganisms and viruses we bring home can cause the loss of our beloved mother and father. I see, “he said.

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