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You can get vaccinated after iftar in Antalya

You can get vaccinated after iftar in Antalya

Antalya Provincial Health Director Ünal Hılır stated that vaccination can be done after iftar in Ramadan. “We have the capacity to be vaccinated at the same time, up to one thousand 200,” Hilla said. This capacity will continue especially after iftar at the hospital foot ”.

Work continues without a break vaccination against corona virus in Turkey. The vaccination, which started with the ‘SARS-CoV-2 inactive Sinovac’ vaccine received from China, started to be offered to citizens as an option with the mRNA technology BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine brought from Germany as of April.
As of April 7, the number of vaccines reached 17 million 759 thousand 705 in the country, 10 million 396 thousand 714 of them received the first dose and 7 million 362 thousand 991 of them received the second dose.
Vaccination efforts continue at full speed in the tourism city of Antalya. The total number of vaccines made in the city so far was 574 thousand 990, the number of people who received the first dose was 335 thousand 774, and the number of people who received the second dose was 239 thousand 216.
Sharing information about vaccination studies, Antalya Provincial Health Director Ünal Hılır made statements about the latest situation in the city and especially the vaccination program during Ramadan.
Stating that they established vaccination rooms in all hospitals and health centers with the start of vaccination studies, Hılır said, “We have the capacity to be vaccinated at the same time. This capacity will continue especially after iftar at the hospital foot. Beforehand, vaccinations will be made by appointment from our health centers and all hospitals. As the turn comes, our citizens can make their appointments through the central hospital appointment system, depending on age groups or priority of chronic illness. While making their appointments, they can choose between both BioNTech and Sinovac vaccine, ”he said.
Hilir said that the BioNTech vaccine was made in 3 hospitals in the city, namely Antalya Training and Research Hospital, Manavgat State Hospital and Alanya Training and Research Hospital, while Sinovac vaccine can be made in all hospitals and health centers.
Case pointing to increased growth of all Hülür in Turkey along with normalization, whereas the rate of increase of Antalya metropolitan pointed out that among the lower provinces.
“We are in the 17th place in the rate of case increase among metropolitan cities. Depending on the contamination situation, we intervene in schools or hotels, especially in case of an increase in busy places. As a result, as long as the mask, distance, cleaning rules are not followed and the contact related to the isolation is kept, these increases in cases unfortunately occur. As a result, with the opening of schools and weekend freedom, there has been a slight increase in our province, but it is not in a situation that cannot be managed. Currently, occupancy in intensive care is around 58 percent. We do not have a difficult situation. We are not in a position to refer any of our patients with another patient ”.
Stating that there are around 103 thousand resident foreigners living in Antalya and that these people have started to be vaccinated according to their age groups, Hulur said, “Currently, the practice of 60 years and over is continuing for foreigners. Density is in our districts such as Muratpaşa, Alanya and Konyaaltı. Resident foreigners get their vaccinations by applying to health centers around here. Especially the group with the first dose is Sinovac their second dose. However, people with frequent travels abroad prefer BioNTech more, ”he said.

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